Friday, August 12, 2011

If I lived in the 60s I would have been a crazed Beatles fan


Do you like The Beatles?

Do you enjoy watching old people drunkenly dance to their music?


Well, check out these guys


They are aptly named, as they are a Beatles cover band.

Check out their website HERE.

Every Thursday night they provide seriously fun entertainment.

I am hereby requesting them for my 25th birthday bash.

Have a funtastic [yes, FUNtastic] weekend, everyone!

I'll be celebrating the birth of the one and only Caroline Brown!


Pretzel Thief said...

Oh man, I had a period during my teens when I sooooooo wished I had lived during the late 60s/early and mid-70s.

I love the Beatles, Byrds (...well, their rendition of Mr Tambourine Man, hee!), Led Zeppelin...too many random 60s and 70s hits to name.

Here's to you getting Beetle for your 25th!

meg fee said...

oh man, i would love to hang out and listen to these guys. nothing i love so much as the beatles. wouldn't mind helping you celebrate turning 25, either.


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